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sister-jSr. Janice Marie Johnson, R.S.M. (Formerly, Mary Jane Johnson) 1952 – “Elementary school is so important because it is the foundation for all future education.  Study hard, make friends and get involved.  I was involved in music, sports, fundraisers, and whatever else was offered at school.  In my opinion when you are involved, school becomes important and also fun.  The skills you learn from being involved in school activities are lessons that you will use in future educational experiences and as an adult in family life and business.”

Virginia Lynch 1954
Alberta Proietta 1955


My husband Ed and son with my grandchildren

Mary Rowen 1956 – “SMT means alot to me. The education and the kindness and compassionate qualities I have carried with me throughout raising my family and working career have made me the person I am today. I have kept in touch with many of our classmates from the class of 1956. For future students I encourage you to be passionate in whatever you do and work hard, play easy and enjoy your time at SMT. May God bless you.”


Dottie Sexton 1957

Pattie Sexton

Tom & Patty Sexton

Tom Sexton 1958 – “I attended St. Martin’s School for grades 1 through 8. During that time, most of my teachers were sisters who stressed proper behavior, high academic achievement, and a strong religious education. As a result of the experiences I had at SMT, I went on to graduate from St. Joseph’s Prep, and LaSalle University. In addition, I earned a Master of Education Degree and Doctorate in Education from Temple University. Without the strong academic foundation and encouragement given to me by my parents and the sisters at SMT, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I did. I strongly encourage all SMT students to take advantage of the education available to you at SMT. Even though you might not now be able to see the importance of your school experiences, you will benefit greatly from them in your future life.”


First Grade Friends

Bev McPeak 1959 – We have been friends forever since 1st grade at SMT. Terry  and Carol work together with me to stay reunited with other classmates from SMT  because we are connected by the values that we were taught and have applied to all aspects of our life. I encourage current students to value your Creator, your family, your education and your friendships. Remember to always be your best. Remember to work diligently at whatever you choose. Choose wisely.”

Jerry Bonino 1960
Betsy Dodds 1961

james-gahnJimmy Gaughan 1963“As a graduate of St. Martin of Tours, I can say that some of the happiest times of life were spent in the same classrooms as the students are sitting in today. Eventually, the time spent at St. Martin’s will be far behind them. I encourage the students today to take a few moments out of each day to look around, to breathe it all in and to create wonderful memories of school, of faith, of family and friends.  I encourage them to trust in Jesus and keep these words in mind: Gratitude, Acceptance and Generosity.  You are the future.  Stay strong.”

Frank Hammond 1964 FHammond
“My attendance at SMT represented a period of time where I was able to lay a strong foundation for future success.  I cherish the memories and friendships made during grade school. My words of encouragement to current students is There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done (John Lennon).”

Bob McNeil 1965
Tom Cahill 1967

Gregory K

North Wildwood Home

Gregory Kochanowicz 1968 – “I’ll always look back on my years as an SMT student fondly. SMT helped build the foundation for my education in life, and many friendships were forged. To this day, some of my closest friends are former SMT students, as well as my wife, son, and daughter. In many ways, those were simpler, and much better times. My advise to current and future students is to take advantage of the caring and learning SMT staff and environment. Be positive in all that you do. Always try your best, and you will achieve a measure of success. For those willing to learn, the SMT opportunity is there to help.”

JhalpinJohn Halpin 1969 – While I have not lived near Philadelphia since 1979, I have attended Mass at SMT with my mom, dad and sister who still attend. When I started SMT in 1961, there were 65 children in my classroom! This was because of the great work of the IHM sisters and teachers. My experience at SMT grounded me in the never ending power and strength of the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother. Memories include living close enough to SMT to go home for lunch and wishing I could be eating at school with the lucky ones, going to the school picnic at Clementon Lake Park, dropping the trash can in the school incinerator by mistake, winning the SMT school spelling bee in Grade 7 with the help of Sister Mary Rosaire, and being an altar boy under the infamous Father Mc Sherry. I encourage each of the students as they look ahead to their future to do their very best to get the most from SMT. The value of the religious and academic education at SMT is special, valuable and powerful and will prepare you for what comes tomorrow!

Paul McGrath 1970
Mary Parsons 1971

Gail Weniger 1972G.-Weniger2-300x300

“SMT has played a large role in who I am today as a person. My profession requires the utmost of integrity as a public servant. God has given me many blessings in life and some challenges as well. Keeping in mind that there is God who is bigger than all of us, keeps me grounded and focused each and every day. Those having the current blessing of a Catholic education will have many times to call upon God both in thanks and in hope. I wish for each of these future leaders a sense of right and wrong and the strength to withstand the turmoil and confusion as you face decisions that require the grace of God.”

Tim Gallagher 1975
Kimberly Ann 1976
John Wallen 1978
Holly Keehfuss 1979
Maureen Hueber 1980
Valerie Hughes 1981
Melissa Gemelli 1982

tim_hughes001Tim Hughes 1983 –  My SMT education laid the foundation for my academic career through high school, college and my masters degree. I learned things in SMT that I still use today. SMT instilled in me the work ethic to get through any problem. The teachers and nuns taught us how to be strong, independent adults and to not make excuses or blame someone else when we are faced with adversity. They gave us the confidence to go anywhere in life and be secure that we have the knowledge and guts we need to make it! Just the grammar and manner of speaking we learned at SMT alone makes us head and shoulders above the crowd! SMT also gave me some of my very best friends. I married an SMT alum, most of my close friends have attended SMT. The friends I made at SMT are lifelong friends. SMT made me the success I am today and I wouldn’t change my experience at the school for anything in the world.”

Nicole Gheen 1984
Annette Pyffer-Nespola 1986
Cindy Wallace 1987

Terry McFoley

My husband and children Kassidy, Brian and Ronan.

Terry McNamee Foley 1988 – “I am a very proud graduate of St Martin of Tours. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Myself and my 5 brothers and sisters all attended SMT. I realize as a busy mom that has chosen Catholic education for my family what a sacrifice it was for my parents to afford tuition for all of us, but I am grateful everyday that they did. I continued my Catholic education at Little Flower High School. I got married at SMT in 1999 and have 3 wonderful children. I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years and recently have a second career as a Home Health Aide. One of the greatest things about SMT was the lifelong friends that I have had for over 30 years. The greatest lesson that I carry with me through life is to remember that with Faith, Family and Friends anything is possible.”

Nicole Ferris 1993






Jeanel Farrell 1996janelle
“I am proud to be a 2nd generation alumni of SMT, it truly was a family affair as I attended school with siblings, 1st & 2nd cousins, as well as formed lifelong friendships with those I consider family today. SMT helped make me the woman I am today and I am forever grateful for all my memories and experiences I have carried with me. An encouraging word to pass along current students as they look ahead to their future is that everything you do now is for your future, don’t be afraid to take chances out of fear of regret, you will only ever regret the what-ifs. So say yes, network, make friends and leave positive impressions, it will benefit your future and you never know where it might lead you!”

Cara CaraMcMeans 1998 – “I cherish my memories from SMT. My closest friends today are the ones I made at SMT going back to when I was 8. I think the school’s greatest achievement is the sense of community and pride it provides to its students. I have noticed a stronger presence of diversity among the students, and I think that’s fantastic. Every students background should be honored and celebrated. If I could give a message to future graduates, I would say, keep your fellow SMT graduates in your reach always, even if you aren’t friends with all of them now because one day you will always have this one thing in common, and that’s where you are sitting right now at SMT. “

Megan2Megan Yancey 2000
“SMT means so much to me. It’s where my education blossomed and where I made friends that I still have to this day at 30 years old (oh how time flies!) I will never forget all of the many special memories that I was blessed to create at SMT. An encouraging word to current students is to always give others more than they expect to get.”

Kaitlyn Farrell 2001

DaynaDayna Vasquez 2007
“SMT was truly my 2nd home. There was a time midway through my years at SMT when my family was displaced due to a fire and I was set to transfer schools. I remember begging my mother to keep me in my beloved school and she did, she made the sacrifice to drive me out of the way everyday to bring me to a place that I felt safe and accepted. My teachers always supported me and because of that I excelled. I was Student Council President in my 8 Grade year, and was on the Student Government in my Junior Year of High School. I’m now using all of the skills I’ve learned in my career working for Temple University. I still reflect on my grade school years with the fondest memories. I sincerely hope that current students enjoy their time spent within and foster the same long term friendships I have because of St. Martin of Tours School.”

ElvyElvy DeCoo 2015 – “St. Martin of Tours has taught and shaped me more in the two years that I attended SMT than in all the previous years in the public school system. As each day passed, you could see how the SMT family grew stronger and closer together. That type of environment surely had a positive effect on me, allowing me to grow as a person and a catholic. St. Martin of Tours has not only assisted me in becoming a better person, but also in giving me the skills I needed to succeed in my future to come. I am now more dedicated, focused, and hard-working than I first was when I enrolled at SMT. Any achievements or any goals accomplished of mine will always be attributed to our beloved grade school because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” 


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