Welcome Back Families 2018

Parents, please click below for some information to get you started for the 2018-2019 school year.  More information to come in the upcoming weeks.  Thanks!

Dear Families,

Peace!  Welcome to a new school year and, to some of you, welcome to Saint Martin of Tours School for the first time!  SMT is a school where we pride ourselves on academic excellence and serving our school community. We look forward to welcoming your children back for, what we know will be, a successful and promising school year!  Please see below for some pertinent information to get you started. Please know you have been and will be in our continued prayers.

General School Information:

    • School doors will open at 7:40AM each morning for students.  No students will be permitted in the building before 7:40AM unless attending morning CARES.  If students want breakfast, they can eat in the cafeteria from 7:40-7:50AM each morning.  Any students arriving after 7:50AM will need to report directly to the Gym.
    • Car Line: The Morning Drop Off Procedure for Grades 1 to 8 begins on Wednesday, September 5, Kindergarten & PreK on Monday, September 10.  The procedure is as follows: Cars enter the parking lot through the lane closest to the school building. Teachers and students help children out of the car.  Parents, please do NOT exit your cars.  It is important that we keep the car line moving.  We will help the younger children get to their destinations.  Cars exit the parking lot via the middle lane and turn right onto Loretto Avenue.  Please do not go left because it backs up traffic in the parking lot as well as on Loretto Avenue.  Please help us to keep everyone safe, especially the children. A more detailed document showing this can be found HERE.  Thank you for your cooperation.
    • Student Handbooks will be distributed to all families and posted to the school website.  Please read these thoroughly as they contain vital information about Saint Martin of Tours, our school policies, and procedures.
    • Please see the September calendar for a list of upcoming events.  The tentative yearly calendar lists general dates and are subject to change once school begins but please look at this too.
    • Please visit our school website for general information about our school, teachers, and upcoming events.  https://stmartinoftoursphila.imsphila.org/
    • A New Parent Orientation is scheduled for August 29 at 7pm in the school Gym.  This is an opportunity to hear more about our school policies and procedures.
    • Back to School Night for ALL 1st-8th Grade parents is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 from 6:00-8:00pm.  More information on this evening will be distributed as the date gets closer. Please save the date now.
    • If you would like to get a head start on some paperwork, fill out this emergency contact form by clicking HERE, print it, and send it into school with your child.  These will be sent home and available on parent nights.
    • Tuition is due on the 15th of each month.  Please be timely with your payments to eliminate students being suspended or records held for late or delinquent payments.


  • Dismissal Lines: Parents must know which line students are leaving in each day.  Please notify your child’s homeroom teacher so we know how they will dismiss each day.


Attendance Matters:

Students must be in the school doors by 7:55AM.  Any student not in school by 7:55AM will be marked late.  Next steps will be issued to parents to students who are frequently late for school.

It is vital that students are in school to receive their instruction during the entire school day.  Therefore, no students will be permitted to be picked up from school after 2:00PM without a doctor’s note.  Frequent early pick-ups will be tracked and parents will be notified of next steps if needed.  Students should only be picked up early from school for unavoidable emergencies.

Healthy Snacks:

Only healthy snacks are permitted in school for students.  Due to allergies and high sugar intake, no cupcakes, brownies, cakes, etc. are permitted to be sent into school.  This also includes birthdays.  Please consider sending in a healthy treat- stickers, pencils, etc. for birthday celebrations.  Any unhealthy snacks will be sent back home with students and not distributed.

Student Safety:

The safety of our students and staff is utmost priority.  Please ensure that you bring proper photo identification when entering our school building.  All visitors will be asked for photo ID as well as parents/guardians who are picking up children from school.  All visitors and parents will be asked to sign in when entering SMT. Please also remove sunglasses and hats when buzzing in at the main doors before entry.  

Please also ensure your emergency contact form includes all the latest information.  No students will be released to an adult who is not on the emergency contact list. We will need permission from the parent/guardian for any child leaving who is not being picked up by a named emergency contact.

Upcoming Dates for Opening of School- Please read carefully.

9/4/18: New Students Grades 1-8 only- 12pm Dismissal; PreK and Kindergarten Conferences (AM)

9/5/18: ALL Students Report Grades 1-8 only- 12pm Dismissal; PreK and Kindergarten Conferences (AM)

9/6/18: Grades 1-8 report for FULL DAY of School; PreK and Kindergarten Open House (8-11AM)

9/7/18: Grades 1-8 report for FULL DAY of School; PreK and Kindergarten 8:15-12:00pm

9/10/18: Grades PK-8th Grade FULL DAY; Breakfast and Hot Lunch Begins; Before and After CARES begin

9/19/18: Back to School Night for ALL parents Grades 1-8 from 6:00-8:00pm (more info to follow)


Mr. Matthew Grill

Principal (mgrill@stmartinoftoursphila.org)